Driessens & Verstappen

Current and Upcoming Exhibitions and Events

Herbarium Vivum
exhibition: May 31 to September 30, 2015
location: Amstelpark (next to Het Glazen Huis), Amsterdam
opening: May 31, from 2 to 5 pm
organisation: Zone2Source, Amsterdam
on-line info: website Zone2Source
site specific artwork for 360° BRNDWR, in the tower of the former firehouse
on view: September 12, 2014 to June 30, 2015, from sunset until 11 pm
location: De Brandweer, Capucijnenstraat 21, Maastricht
organisation: Viewmaster, Maastricht
curator: Bart van den Boom
on-line info: webpage GLOW
Time Warp
intervention in public space in collaboration with Arnoud Holleman
completion: November 2003 and November 2023
location 1: interventions at W.G. Witteveenplein, Rotterdam
location 2: on-line movies at www.witteveenplein.com
commissioned by CBK (Center for Fine Arts), Rotterdam
Recent and Upcoming Publications

Bioart: Environment, Identity, Experimentation
the book will profile contemporary art that responds to the new realties revealed by the advance of the life sciences
author: William Myers
publisher: Thames & Hudson (2015)
Ik liet me kietelen door een kietelrobot
blogger: Mandy Fit
publisher: The Creators Project
on-line interview: The Creators Project Blog
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