E-volved Cultures

E-volved Cultures (2005-2011) is a software presentation in which an artificial landscape grows in real time. Virtual agents that leave visual traces in interaction with their environment generate the dynamic pixel-landscape. The colourful abstract animations arouse associations with landscapes, geological processes, cloud formations, fungal growth, organ tissues or satellite photos, but ultimately they still avoid any definitive identification. Click on the images above to see different recorded fragments of E-volved Cultures

E-volved Cultures XXW (2008) is the ultra wide view version of the software. The audience is watching an ultra-wide image in the form of a panoramic projection that changes in atmosphere over time.

E-volved Cultures 360° (2016) is an installation in situ for the circular space of Kunstkapel Zuidas in Amsterdam. The 360° projection transforms the entire space and for 24 minutes the audience was immersed in another world.

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