The Factory

In the transformation room a robot arm takes an amount of fluid wax and pours this into the water bassin.
When completely solid, the new shape is scooped onto a conveyor belt, and placed inbetween ventilators to dry.

When dry, the shape continues its way through The Factory.
In the documentation studio, it is recorded on tape while it passes the camera.

View in the documentation room through the the camera viewfinder. A wax shape is just passing by.
Subsequently the shape is moving to the balcony, where the shape is presented to the public. It can be observed in detail here, before it finally disappears in the melting pot again.

Finally the shape is moving towards the wax melting pot.
Several minutes after it came into the world, the form is destined to disappear again and transform itselve into other equally transient shapes.

Read more in the catalogue text by Grazia Quaroni.

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