Herbarium Vivum 2

Herbarium Vivum 2 (2018) is the second project by Driessens & Verstappen of a living herbarium. Eight native plants have grown in a very limited space that is almost 2-dimensional, in this case an horizontal plane.
The plants are grown in the artists' studio, some under LED grow lights and others in daylight conditions. From time to time a photograph has been taken to document the growth process from seedling to decay. This has resulted in eight photo series: narrow leaf plantain, frittalary, field marigold, scarlet pimpernel, garden star-of-Bethlehem, orange hawkweed, Italian grape hyacinth, common evening primrose.

The 40 images of Herbarium Vivum 2 will soon be published in the book To Mind is to Care, by V2_ publishing in Rotterdam.

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