Transformation Sequences

Since 1998 Driessens & Verstappen have made several transformation sequences by using physical and chemical processes. Each of the resulting form collections (Morphoteques) shows a step by step transition from a daily object to its unrecognizable final state.
Morphoteque #10 (1998) is a sequence of 63 elements, generated by a physical process of pressure and elasticity, executed in painted plaster. Morphoteque #11 (2001) consists of 49 elements in pewter, generated with the aid of natural erosion. Morphoteque #13 (2003) consists of 8 sequences of 10 objects each, generated by the chemical processes of galvanization and etching, executed in nickel-plated brass. Morphoteque #14 (2004) consists 8 series of 7 objects each, generated by the organic processes of dehydration and fermentation, executed in nickel-plated brass.

Click on the images to see more detailed images of the collections.

driessens & verstappen