Tickle dimensional drawing

year: 1996-2006
materials and parts:
- microcontroller
- dual axis tilt sensor
- SMD printedcircuit board
- piezo buzzer
- geared mini motors
- rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery
- aluminium cover and chassis
- urethane wheels with ball bearings
- silicone rubber caterpillar tracks
dimensions: H.44 x W.74 x D.100 mm.
weight: 130 grams
speed: 3 cm./sec

In prototype #1 and #2 the behaviour of the robot was implemented by a "finite state circuit" that was equipped with tilt switches and logic gates. In prototype #3 (2006) this circuit is replaced by a micro-controller. Its behaviour is no longer solely reflex based but the robot is also able to perform spontaneous actions when it feels safe. The motion possibilities are increased, which in turn generate more pleasurable feelings.

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