Driessens & Verstappen

Current and Upcoming Exhibitions and Events

40 artists and designers exhibit in the rooms and gardens of the former royal palace
exhibition: June 25 to September 25, 2016
location: Paleis Soestdijk, Amsterdamsestraatweg 1, Baarn
artists/designers: Krijn de Koning, Marcel Wanders, Vincent Mentzel, Driessens & Verstappen, Superuse Studios, Wieki Somers, Anne de Vries, Frank Havermans a.o.
curator: Anne van der Zwaag
Van Gogh Mini's'
100 artists show new works in a shoe box sized diorama, inspired by paintings of Vincent van Gogh
exhibition: April 2 to August 1, 2016
opening: April 2 2016
location: Museum MOTI, Boschstraat 22, Breda
curator: Cornel Bierens
De Loop der Dingen/The Way Things Go
group show about cause and effect, inspired by the 1987 art film Der Lauf der Dinge by Fischli & Weiss
exhibition: January 23 to May 8, 2016
location: Kunsthal KAdE, Eemplein 77, Amersfoort
hours: Tuesday to Friday from 11 am. to 5 pm., Saturday and Sunday from 12 noon to 5 pm.
artists: a.o. Gerrit van Bakel, Fischli & Weiss, Zoro Feigl, Zeger Reyers, Driessens & Verstappen, Roman Signer
online info: website KAdE
group exhibition in a chest of drawers
exhibition: November 29 2015 to February 21 2016
opening: Sunday November 22 from 3 to 5 pm.
location: Phoebus gallery, Eendrachtsweg 61, Rotterdam
online info: website Phoebus
Time Warp
intervention in public space in collaboration with Arnoud Holleman
completion: November 2003 and November 2023
location 1: interventions at W.G. Witteveenplein, Rotterdam
location 2: on-line movies at www.witteveenplein.com
commissioned by CBK (Center for Fine Arts), Rotterdam
Recent and Upcoming Publications

Bio Art - Altered Realities
the book will profile contemporary art that responds to the new realties revealed by the advance of the life sciences
author: William Myers
publisher: Thames & Hudson (October 2015)
online info: website Bio Art
artist book on the gift of Pieter and Marieke Sanders to the collection of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
essays: Cornel Bierens and Maria Barnas
publisher: Idea Books
graphic design: Julie Peeters
photograhpy: Johannes Schwartz
online info: webpage Object Below
Accretor: Generative Materiality in the work of Driessens & Verstappen
author: Mitchell Whitelaw
editor: Alan Dorin
journal: Artificial Life, volume 21/3, webpage MIT Press Artificial Life
publisher: MIT Press, Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA
online article: pdf Accretor
driessens & verstappen introduction biography