Transformation Sequences

Since 1998 Driessens & Verstappen have made several transformation sequences by using physical and chemical processes. The resulting form collections (Morphoteques) show step by step transitions from daily objects to their unrecognizable final state. In Morphoteque #10 (1998) the force of pressure and elasticity was used and in Morphoteque #11 (2001) the process of erosion. Morphoteque #13 (2003) was created by galvanization and etching and Morphoteque #14 (2004) by dehydration and fermentation. In 2019 the process of erosion got renewed attention during a residency at DordtYart, resulting in Fading Souvenirs, a performative installation of 4 rotating tumblers in which souvenirs are ground by stones and water.

Click on the images to see more detailed images of the collections.

driessens & verstappen fading souvenirs