Permanent Art Installations

Driessens & Verstappen received several commissions from (semi) public government institutions, to install a site-specific artwork in or outside the building where the institution is located.

E-volver (2006) is an interactive site-specific art installation for the Research Labs of the LUMC Leiden University Medical Center. The users of the building influence the evolving images via touch screens.
Mirroring Water (2012) is a data responsive artwork for the WMCN, the Dutch Water Management Center in Lelystad. The video installation responds to current weather conditions and water levels.
Equilarbre (2023) is a long term artistic experiment with trees in cylindrical pots, installed at ILVO, the Flanders Institute for Agricultural, Fisheries and Food Research.

Photo left Gert Jan van Rooij.

driessens & verstappen e-volver mirroring water equilarbre