Landart Plantart

Driessens & Verstappen have realised two land art projects in recent years, in which the growing conditions of a uniformly sown field have been partially changed. Both projects show on a small scale the effects of climate change on the growth form of plants:
In Flashforward (2017), the growth process of the grass is artificially influenced so that vestiges of subterranean building foundations appear as drawings in the pasture, an effect similar to natural cropmarks.
In Tschumi Tulips (2008), part of the tulips grows up in a greenhouse (the Tschumi pavilion) and the other part grows up outdoors, making the difference in growth and the moment of bloom experienceable.

pictures: left Flashforward Nijmegen/Lent, right Tschumi Tulips Hereplein Groningen

driessens & verstappen flashforward tschumi tulips