Landart Plantart

Over the past years Driessens & Verstappen realised three land art projects in which plant growth processes are used to bring to light the specific qualities of the site and/or its rich history:

In Tschumi Tulips (2008), part of the tulips grows up in a glass house (Tschumi pavilion) and the other part grows up outdoors. The climate difference is made experiential by the non-synchronous flowering moment of indoor and outdoor.

In Flashforward (2017), the growth process of the grass is artificially influenced so that vestiges of subterranean building foundations appear as drawings in the pasture, an effect similar to natural cropmarks.

With a tetrahedron of giant seed bombs, Flora Balistica (2024) reflects the military history of the former Roman fort and the current focus on biodiversity and ecological gardening.

driessens & verstappen flora balistica flashforward tschumi tulips